Return of the Rubellite

Finally back in stock!  This is beautiful, intense pink rubellite, absolutely gorgeous fuschia coloured droplets.  Lovely quality as well; beautifully clear although there are a few inclusions of course, this is tourmaline after all.  I have these in a 4mm and a 5mm round, available now at

The perfect present

Recently purchased; this beautiful dragonfly pendant made by the talented Julia Quinn at Cheeky Lemur .  The wings are of opal and the body is set with peridots, and it is such an eye-catching, unusual piece.  I bought this pendant for my sister-in-law as she is fond of butterflies and dragonflies and other such winged creatures, plus her birthday is in August and peridots are the birthstone for August, so it was just perfect.  I have now sent the pendant, having spent a couple of weeks gazing covetously at it and wishing I could keep it!  Julia lives in Normandy and says that she derives inspiration from the lush natural landscape that surrounds her, and I can imagine this creature hovering across a lake or perching on a strand of long grass.

Along with stone-set jewellery, Julia also has a fine line in enamel work as well.   I could not resist this purple enamelled pendant for myself as well.  Purple is my favourite colour and in this pendant the enamel is laid over silver so the colour really sings.  Check out her Etsy shop for a selection of funky and original work.

More small stones


Finally, some of those new stones I was promising you.  These are tiny 4mm checker cut cushion cabochons, and were a special request from Adele at The Nosejob so hopefully you all like them too!  I’ve got them in London Blue Topaz, rhodolite garnet, citrine and peridot (as pictured) as well as amethyst and white topaz.  I am always surprised at how popular the 4mm rounds are so I am hoping these are as popular as well!

Pricedrop Topaz!


It’s always nice when you can put prices down instead of up.  This new batch of London Blue Topaz I had cut just a little shorter than my last lot – that is the dome is a little lower.  It’s still a good sized stone – 1.2 carats for a 6mm stone.  But the last lot were 1.4 carats, which is actually quite hefty – and obviously pricier.  These new ones are $7.50, which is a whole dollar cheaper than the previous lot.  Available now from