4mm rose cut cushion cabochons

4mm AMETH cushion 64mm WT rose cut cushion94mm AMETH cushion 44mm WT rose cut cushion10

I’ve been trying for the longest time to get my cushion cuts faceted like this – with the flower on top to match the round rose cuts I carry. Finally success! Here we have African Amethyst and white topaz in 4mm cushions, at $2.35 and $1.25 per stone respectively. The African amethyst is a nice deep purple, a bit of colour zoning here and there and the white topaz clean with great sparkle.

New Peridot

5x7mm PER rose pear105x7mm PER rose oval 75mm PER cab rose cut round 75mm PER cab rose cut round 4


I’ve been a bit short of peridot over the past few months so I’m really pleased to have some back in stock; 5mm rose cut round cabochons, honeycomb faceted pears and ovals. The 5mm rounds are flat back; the pears and ovals are cut with a small table on the base, which means that they can be set either way up; in a bezel, basket or window setting. This is nice quality material, gold-green saturated colour and pretty clean, with just a few inclusions. I love peridot – it is perhaps the most affordable green stone that remains untreated. It is fairly soft – 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale so you need to take care, as the facet edges can become abraded just from sitting in a bag. Best used in earrings or necklaces/pendants, perhaps, rather than in a ring that is likely to get more wear. Traditionally peridot has been associated with Arizona, US; this material is from China, a fairly new source that supplies beautiful lime-green material.