All New Summer Sparklers!

My newsletter is out, listing all (most!) of my new stock, and it’s all just so beautiful! You can see the newsletter at this link or why not sign up at my website. There’s usually an offer or sale each month and newsletter readers are the first to know! I’ve got a bunch of restocks this month, including some of the most beautiful clean hessonite and some really lovely pale pink tourmaline. Next month is going to be phenomenal stone month, with opal, rainbow moonstone and labradorite; some restocks but also new shapes and sizes and cuts. I’m also hoping for some all new high quality kyanite rose cuts, because who can’t resist deep blue stones?!

I’ve also got a double points offer on this month; if you don’t have a loyalty account, why not set one up? Just click on the ‘Rewards’ icon at the lower right hand corner of my homepage; it’s very simple, you just exchange points for money off coupons. The points boundaries are all completely reachable – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a reward!