3mm Rose Cuts

I’ve been asked for these often and so I’m really pleased to be able to finally offer them; 3mm rose cuts, beautiful glittering little stones. At the moment I have Rainbow Moonstone ($2.75) and London Blue Topaz ($4) but I am planning to offer them in a wider range of stones. The rainbow moonstone is high grade material, beautifully clean with a wonderful bright adularescence and the London Blue Topaz is vibrant even in this tiny size. Both very sparkly, both available at www.joopygems.com

Juicy Watermelon Tourmaline

I’ve listed an awful lot of freeforms lately; opaque ruby, sapphire and labradorite. Coming soon I also have opaque emerald as well, and just in the last week, I have listed many, many watermelon tourmaline slices. Tourmaline is always popular, with its huge variety of colours, and this has been reflected in the price over the past few years, which has gone steadily up and up. I can’t do much about the price, but I do try to keep quality nice and high, and these slices are pretty clean for watermelon tourmaline, which is often highly included. They are absolutely gorgeous, in juicy, saturated colours, and I’ve got a huge variety in terms of shape, size, colours and price, including some rather rare and hard to source blue ones (several of these have already gone!). I also have a couple of pairs, which are fabulous for earrings. If you want to browse the collection, the relevant page on my website is here: http://www.joopygems.com/tourmaline-watermelon-slices/ . The last time I had these, they went pretty fast, and then I had no end of difficulty finding them again, so if you like them, grab them whilst they’re here!

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