A new departure


Not all that different but up until now I have confined myself to cabochons and rose cuts. I just thought I’d stock some brilliant cut gemstones as well, just to see how they go. Currently I have amethyst, kyanite, spessartite garnet, kyanite, rhodolite garnet and white topaz in a variety of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes. Look out in the next few days for peridot, iolite, aquamarine and tanzanite.

Super Kyanite

I have just listed the most fantastic clear blue kyanite. Not that manky, streaky greyish stuff with the merest hint of blue; this is high grade, royal blue, clean material with the most breathtaking glassy lustre. My supplier tells me that he sells alot of this stuff as a sapphire substitute, and I have to say, the colour is very similar indeed. I currently have this in a 4mm and 6mm cabochon and will be listing 4 and 5mm brilliant cut round gemstones in the next couple of days.