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“Etsy has a counterfeit problem”

This is interesting. I picked up this article today about counterfeiting on Etsy. It’s from JCK news and quotes estimates of around 5% of all goods being sold on Etsy as counterfeit. I found this interesting as I’ve often looked on Etsy and seen items that look suspiciously not handmade; mainly jewellery as that is my main area of interest. Sometimes I’ve seen a particular style of necklace copied by multiple sellers. It’s not just the Vuittons and Chanels either; I’ve had informal feedback from customers that they feel their own designs have been copied. So I’ll be watching this closely to see what happens. As Albrecht Durer said in 1511, “Beware, all thieves and imitators of other people’s labour and talents, of laying your audacious hands upon our work.” !! (exclamation marks are mine!)