Labradorite, Golden Rutile, Turquoise, Charoite & More!

April 2018 Blog headerOur new newsletter is out and I have had so much new stock to list that I haven’t been able to include everything. From labradorite in new cuts and old faves that I haven’t had for a while, to turquoise. Plus ever-popular golden rutile in calibrated cabochons, rounds and ovals and in my quest to find ever more interesting purple stones in this year of purple, I have charoite cabochons too. Plus rock crystal lily beads, more aquamarine and tons more! I also have just a few discounts of 25% and 20% left, so why not either check out my newsletter here or go straight to the source and check out our latest additions here


Bright, Shiny, New Website!

Joopy Gems new website header

Our website has got a whole new look and we think it’s fabulous! The navigation is better:  you can shop by gemstone, cut or colour, and there are filters on each page, as well as a lot more information sections on hot topics and frequently asked questions. Plus we are offering a limited number of special discounts to our first customers! Here are the coupon codes:





Breathtaking Beads for March

Joopy Gems March 2018 newsletter

My March 2018 newsletter is out, and this month I’m showcasing a bunch of new beads. I haven’t done a lot with beads in the past, but I am developing a carefully curated collection of contemporary beads with a bit more design in them than you usually see. More unusual shapes, matte finishes, that kind of thing. In addition, I’m also talking about turquoise rose cut freeforms and tanzanite. Plus I’ve got a good newsletter offer this month – which you can see if you click here to read the newsletter

Show yourself some love!

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It certainly is, with 20% off your entire order from now until Friday 16th February (midnight EST). I’ve got new rose cut freeforms, new beads and so it’s the perfect time to stock up! Oh, and if you fancy that fabulous heart-shaped pink tourmaline in the picture, you can find it here! All over at, discount code for your 20% as in the pic, LOVEGEMS

Golden days are coming….

Joopy Gems February 2018 newsletter

Well, that may be a little optimistic but we can give things a helping hand with this month’s gorgeous rutilated quartz cabochons. We’ve got a fantastic selection of different shapes and sizes with very different patterns, from angel-hair to thick, straw-like needles. We also have rose aquamarine freeforms  But this post is really to say it’s newsletter time. This month we have double points, so if you aren’t signed up to our loyalty programme, then do consider it. You can sign up at our website; just go to and find the ‘Reward Program’ button on the bottom left hand corner. You can get 1000 points for signing up and there’s 2 points for every dollar you spend. Plus there is 20% off all bi-colour calibrated tourmaline rose cuts. You can read the newsletter here.

New Year Gems

Twitter Post New Year sale card

We have our January sale on and it’s the early bird catches the worm with up to 25% off your entire order! Remember also that we will be closing our USA office on 12th January, so anyone wanting their order to ship from the USA needs to place their order by 5.30 on that day.

Joopy Gems Blue Zircon 9x7mm octagon

No it’s NOT cubic zirconia


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It’s the first thing I say to non-jewellery-savvy people when I’m describing what a fabulous and under-used stone blue zircon is. I’m on it almost as the word is out of my mouth to try and stop the inevitable, ‘zircon…zirconia…cubic zirconia???!!!‘ Those in the know appreciate this stone for its colour, brilliance and fire. In its natural state it comes in a variety of colours; yellow, brown, orange, violet, blue, green and red; however most of the bright turquoise-blue material on the market is likely to be heated. In its clear form, it has been used in the past as a diamond simulant, due to its very strong brilliance and fire. You can see this also in the coloured material, and its distinct green-blue colour set it apart from other gemstones. Most similar is London Blue Topaz, but this lacks the liveliness of zircon. It’s been around a long time; in the Middle Ages, it was thought to promote sound sleep, drive away evil spirits and encourage wealth, wisdom and honour. It’s a beautiful stone that deserves more recognition; it looks icy-cool when paired with white metal and deep and warm with yellow. It’s also one of the December birthstones. It has reasonable hardness but is quite brittle if you’re going to put it in a ring, you’ll need to look after it a bit. I’m quite good at accidentally smashing my engagement ring into walls and zircon won’t react well to such treatment! I love the fantastically unique acid-etched meteorite bracelet with zircon pear by Jacob Albee, below.

Jacob Albee Cuff bracelet in Gibeon Meteorite with a 3.03 ct blue zircon, 24k gold inlay, diamonds, and a sterling silver sleeve
Jacob Albee Cuff bracelet in Gibeon Meteorite with a 3.03 ct blue zircon, 24k gold inlay, diamonds, and a sterling silver sleeve

This necklace and earrings set from Lang Antiques is from the turn of the century  – that is, turn of the 19th century. Its sleek lines and clean, unembellished design give it an entirely contemporary feel, however.

Lang Antiques Retro Gold and Zircon Necklace and Earring Set
Lang Antiques Retro Gold and Zircon Necklace and Earring Set $2450

I’ve always loved the simplicity and elegance of Nodeform. This ring below pairs a brilliant, sparkling zircon with a satin-finished gold band and the combination is electric.

Nodeform Weddings Blue Zircon Half Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold
Nodeform Weddings Blue Zircon Half Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold, $875

We have blue zircon in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below, from left to right is blue zircon 9x7mm octagon at $135 per stone, blue zircon mixed cut gemstone, 5mm round at $40 per stone and blue zircon 7x5mm oval at $49 per stone. To browse our entire range, click here.

Winter Sparkle

Joopy Gems December 2017 Facebook post

Our December 2017 newsletter is out and we’ve got a whole lot of news and some fairly significant pieces of information. We also have a long 15% discount on everything from now until early January. You can use code XMAS15 – and it’s a multi-use coupon so use it as many times as you like! Benefit from the new shipping system we have in Hong Kong! To read the newsletter, click here.



Bi-colour beauties

Joopy Gems bi-colour tourmaline header

Alot of people were interested in these: calibrated bi-colour tourmaline rounds, ovals and pears. It’s taken me so long to get them listed, and I wanted to have them listed in time for my sale but I didn’t quite, so I’ve extended the sale. If you like these, you can get them on a 25% discount until Wednesday midnight 29th November. The rounds come in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm and the pears and ovals in 3x4mm, 6x4mm and 7x5mm. They are all priced according to weight and how good the colour is. To browse the entire collection, click here. Coupon code FIREGEM25 will get you 25% off until midnight, Wednesday 29th November EST.

Super Smashing 25% Sale

Joopy Gems 25% discount sale

This is the biggest discount I’ve ever done and it’s open from now until close of play on Cyber Monday (27th Nov). It’s a straight 25% off all gemstones, including sale items (eek!) and it really is a make the most of it situation as I keep my margins quite small, so I simply can’t offer big discounts frequently. It’s a coupon code – FIREGEM25 – and you can use it more than once if you like! Click here to browse our Hong Kong shop or here to browse our USA one. It’s also on in both Etsy shops, but you don’t need the code for those as the discount is already marked up. So get shopping and get your sparkle on!