I’ve been quiet…

I’ve had a bit of a time of it! First of all, I woke up one morning two weeks ago with what felt like shards of glass in my throat, or perhaps a metal spike. Temperature, shivers and shakes, headache etc. After suffering for a day I caved in and went to the doctor. Not the usual person I see due to it being a Sunday and emergency and all that, this chap was the bounciest doctor in the world. After examining my throat he announced ‘You have toncillitis!!’ in the kind of tones you’d normally used for someone who’d, say, won the lottery, or aced their exams. Toncillitis? I thought; isn’t that some kind of kiddy disease? Well, perhaps, but I can’t remember feeling worse. I couldn’t read, watch television, or even sleep. My throat hurt so much it brought tears to my eyes every time I swallowed; even water was too painful. I lay propped in bed, my eyes half open, contemplating my own misery. I had antibiotics, but as I had left the surgery, the doctor had joyfully called out, ‘If it doesn’t clear up in four days, come back!  It could be glandular fever!!!’ (Mono to you chaps in the US I think).  Then added, ‘Of course, we normally see that in teenagers, and that’s not you anymore is it??!!! Sorry!!!’  Seriously, that bloke was so lucky I was feeling so mouldy.  So. Lucky.

Anyway, I am feeling better now, but the past week I have been just catching up with myself; listing and listing and listing more and more stones, so keep your eyes peeled because I’ll be blogging about those in the next couple of days…

About Julia Aufenast

I am a UK based professional gemstone supplier and GIA graduate gemologist. I specialise in rose cut cabochons as well as standard cabochons, and I have a carefully nurtured reputation for high quality. Currently I carry mainly semi-precious stones and I also have a range of pearls in white and natural colours; strings and half-drilled, round and keshi. This blog is attached to my website - www.joopygems.com - and is where you'll find information about new arrivals in my shop, discounts and offers, as well as an opportunity to leave comments and feedback.

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  1. So glad you are feeling better! Sounds like a pretty miserable time – and just at the busiest time of year. Tonsillitis is no fun! Looking forward to seeing the new stones too, 🙂

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