3mm Rose Cuts

I’ve been asked for these often and so I’m really pleased to be able to finally offer them; 3mm rose cuts, beautiful glittering little stones. At the moment I have Rainbow Moonstone ($2.75) and London Blue Topaz ($4) but I am planning to offer them in a wider range of stones. The rainbow moonstone is high grade material, beautifully clean with a wonderful bright adularescence and the London Blue Topaz is vibrant even in this tiny size. Both very sparkly, both available at www.joopygems.com

About Julia Aufenast

I am a UK based professional gemstone supplier and GIA graduate gemologist. I specialise in rose cut cabochons as well as standard cabochons, and I have a carefully nurtured reputation for high quality. Currently I carry mainly semi-precious stones and I also have a range of pearls in white and natural colours; strings and half-drilled, round and keshi. This blog is attached to my website - www.joopygems.com - and is where you'll find information about new arrivals in my shop, discounts and offers, as well as an opportunity to leave comments and feedback.

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