Let the influx begin…

 8mm GAR rose cut round cabochon5mm garnet rose cut cabochon4mm garnet rose cut cabochon8mm GAR rose round 106mm GAR cabochon6mm garnet cabochon5mm garnet rose cut cabochon4mm garnet rose cut cabochon

I’m currently involved in an enormous re-stock of the shop. Items that have been out of stock for a while are finally coming back in, and everything in huge quantity so it should be, oh, at least another month or two before I run out again! First up; almandine garnet. I’m just changing over all my descriptions in line with the new GIA policy so I will now be referring to it as almandine, not almandite. This is Mozambique garnet, deep red and vibrant. Almandine can be very dark, especially in the larger sizes; in fact it has long been a practice to hollow out cabochons to bring out their intensity of colour. I have 6mm cabochons, and 4mm, 5mm and 8mm rose cuts and even the 8mm has a clear red appearance, not black. The 4mm is at $1.35 per stone and the 5mm is $2.65 per stone. The price of this kind of garnet for larger sizes has sky-rocketed recently so take a deep breath and sit down; the 8mm is $26 per stone. But as you see from the pictures, it is simply beautiful, with none of the rustiness that can mar almandine. A gemstone with an inner fire, its good hardness and toughness makes it a versatile stone that can safely be used in all kinds of jewellery.

About Julia Aufenast

I am a UK based professional gemstone supplier and GIA graduate gemologist. I specialise in rose cut cabochons as well as standard cabochons, and I have a carefully nurtured reputation for high quality. Currently I carry mainly semi-precious stones and I also have a range of pearls in white and natural colours; strings and half-drilled, round and keshi. This blog is attached to my website - www.joopygems.com - and is where you'll find information about new arrivals in my shop, discounts and offers, as well as an opportunity to leave comments and feedback.

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